Chair Cover

Stacking Chair Cover

Available in Beige, Olive or Silver

If you’re tired of cleaning your garden chairs every time you have guests over, our stacking chair cover is what you need.

– Makes the space look neat & tidy.
– Covers at least 6 stacked chairs.
– Made of high-quality HDPE material.
– Waterproof, UV resistant & dustproof.
– Easy to clean.
– Full length cover enables it to stay in place during windy conditions.
– Eyelets along the bottom for fastening in case of windy elements.
*Measurements based on item needing covering. We add on needed extra for sewing & fitting.
Size Dimensions (w x l x h) Price
Low Back
62 x 62 x 98cm
High Back
62 x 62 x 118cm
Chair Cover
chair cover
Stacking Chair Cover
Stacking Chair Cover
chair cover
chair cover
chair cover
Chair Cover

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